About Us


We don’t talk to clients, we talk to persons.

That’s the kind of business partners that we are looking for, real people, that look at life and business with a sense of inclusiveness, that have a vision beyond self-interest, material gains and possessions.


We are looking for business partners that want to be free, live every day joyfully and become fully self-aware, conscious and boundless, continuously achieving more and more personally, without losing sight of the sense of inclusiveness, always craving for sharing and celebrating evolution and success.


Due to the nature of our existence, different companies and a wide array of carefully selected partnerships, we represent a unique solution that can meet a variety of needs within a single provider.


You can rest assured that we can provide the right assistance and help that you need to attend to all your business and personal needs.


Enhance the quality and meaning of your life, work and business, let us help you in every sense, liberating you from all that has been getting you tangled up, blocking your success and development while saving you time to enjoy more of life as it is, by advising on, performing and arranging a multitude of lifestyle needs.


We are prepared to help you with everything from the very source of life within, passing by the daily things and into the extraordinary and unknown.

So you can do what you want to do and live your life joyfully, every single day.

Isn’t that the ultimate bliss and ecstasy in someone’s life?


Lose the fear, liberate yourself and take the first step, contact us!


Consult our three main core companies to discover the full list of services and resources that we can deliver.


  • Joyfully - Conscious Businesses and Work. Personal and Corporate Transformations.

  • Luxdable - Luxury. Affordable. Real Estate & Personal and Corporate Concierges.

  • TrulYours - Conscious Lifestyle, Travels & Experiences. Transformational Journeys.

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