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Conscious Businesses & Work.
Personal & Corporate Transformations.

Transforming the way we Live, Work and do Business through deep Consciousness, Wellbeing & Joyfulness.


We are Game Changers! We are Go-getters!

Whether it's in business or personally, ultimately what matters most in life is if it works or if it does not work. Our purpose is to make it work, to help you raise your level of consciousness, self-awareness and perception, creating a reality where wellbeing and joy naturally flow into every aspect of your life, business and work.

We help businesses, organisations, teams and individuals with — Business, Organisational, Teams and Individual Transformation. Advisory & Counselling. Coaching. Trends & Innovation. Learning & Training. Speaking. Writing. Human Skills. Consciousness. Self-awareness. Strategy. Navigating Complexity and Uncertainty. Purpose. Trust. Transparency. Authenticity. Integrity. Mindset. Sociopsychological Safety. Radical Candor. Growth. Responsiveness. Future-proofing. Organisation & Workplaces Design. Teamwork. Meetings. Decision-making. Negotiation. Communication. Culture. Experiments. Participation. Inquiry. Listening. Self-organisation. Self-management. Collaborative, Participative and Distributed Leadership & Culture. Business Agility. Kaizen Lean. Agile Mindset & Processes. New ways of working and doing business. Real Estate. Events & Experiences. Tourism. Neo-luxury. Customer Delight.

And so much more...

For us, there are no problems, only possibilities.
Bring us your challenges and we will figure out a world of opportunities to seize.


what you can expect from us

Let’s just face it: work isn’t working!


That's why we aim to inspire and enable entire organizations to think differently, drive deep transformation, and achieve innovation success in an ever-changing world.


We get people and teams unstuck to accelerate transformation, change and spark creativity & innovation.

We raise and unlock human consciousness and behaviours, not just motivate people.

We offer the most fundamental and profound inquiries, provocations, insights, roadmaps, tools, and coaching+mentoring, rather than a rigid ‘one-size-fits-all’ process.

We solve the root situations, not only the symptoms. 

We prepare your people to outsmart us, not to depend on us.

And much more...



We aim to empower businesses with the ability to make better and faster strategic decisions without needing to rely upon expensive, and often conflicted, consulting companies all year long contracts.

SOME of our possible areas of intervention

✔️ Business and Organizational Transformation

⚙ Shaping the Organizations for the ‘Continuous Present’

⚙ Organizational Design & Development

⚙ Sensemaking of Cultural and Complex Change and learning to navigate in it

⚙ Healthy Workplace and Organizational Wellbeing

⚙ From Egosystem to Ecosystem Culture

⚙ Deep Transformation


✔️ Leadership, People and Teams

⚙ Conscious Self-Leadership

⚙ Inner Congruity

⚙ Compassionate Communication

⚙ Team Work & Teaming

⚙ Employee Branding and Experience

⚙ Attraction, Recruitment, Selection and Retention

⚙ Assessments, Culture, Diversity, Bias, Joy at work

⚙ Human Skills/Capabilities

⚙ Executive Retreats

⚙ The Future of Work

⚙ Coaching, Counselling and Mentoring

✔️ Project Management

⚙ 360º Management (Management, Finance, Marketing, IT, Human Factors…)

⚙ Strategy, Planning and Execution

⚙ Business Case

⚙ Creativity, Innovation, Design Thinking, Strategic Foresight and Trends

⚙ Decision-Making and Taking


✔️ Learning Management, Professional Training and Certifications

⚙ Business Agility

⚙ Leading your Self in Life

⚙ Business Process Management

⚙ Learning Simulations

⚙ Tailor-made programs

⚙ Workshops

⚙ Talks


✔️ Advisory

⚙ Counselling and Facilitation

⚙ Management, Business Strategy & Innovation for Start-Ups

⚙ Business Surgery

⚙ Knowledge Brokering

⚙ Disruptive Consulting



“If we are to create superior organizations capable of overcoming the myriad problems we face today, then we must tap into the massive amount of human potential that lies dormant in most of our enterprises. And to awaken and harness this potential, we must first understand what people really want from life generally and from the workplace in particular.”

august turak

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