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Pedro Gaspar Fernandes usually writes about what’s impacting the present but also how new trends, innovations, the intersection of technologies and organizational and cultural change shape the future as well as its impact on society, organizations, markets and individuals. He explores what that means for businesses, brands and consumers.

Some of his preferred mediums are short posts, articles and videos that incite discussion and provoke thought.

If you’re looking for fresh, insightful, disruptive and inspiring content that resonates, you’ve found the right person to write it.


Check Medium, LinkedIn and the blog for some of his writings.

Co-author on the following books:



Do you want to give your audience something that will leave a lasting impact?

Pedro Gaspar Fernandes translates meaningful and emerging topics into simple human understanding that provokes and opens minds and horizons. His inspiring and actionable talk gives audiences inspiration and tools they can apply from that moment on.

Pedro’s dynamic personality, customized interactive keynotes and high-valued informative content enables him to engage all kinds of audiences around the globe.

The knowledge and practical wisdom Pedro has gained through his extensive experience and research allows him to speak confidently about a vast array of topics and makes him an exciting and engaging powerhouse speaker from which everybody can resonate with.


We specialize in provocative presentations that inspire meaningful action and change the way people see themselves and the world.

Organisations on the cusp of change often benefit from thought provocation.

We produce fresh insights, new theory, presentations and workshops to prepare individuals, teams and organisations for the paradigm shift in how we live, work and organise to thrive in this V.U.C.A. world.


Remaining Relevant in Transformative Times

We all want to be more and better. How do we do so? Especially in a world of constant shifts and change?

Pedro Gaspar Fernandes shares his insights on how to face our fears of the future, reinvent ourselves, and improve our own and other peoples’ lives.


Being Human in the Age of Everything

As today’s companies race to compete with and on data, algorithms and AI, Pedro Gaspar Fernandes puts in perspective this reality and warns about the risk of losing touch with something far more valuable: Humanity.


He makes a persuasive defence that people, consciousness, self-awareness and culture are the most powerful and innovative tools for winning in the digital age, following up with examples of organisations that are already successfully balancing technology with humanity in their cultures. 


In this presentation, Pedro will also share:


- How to build an organizational structure and culture which drives, Trust, Transparency, Authenticity, Integrity, Growth Mindset, Psychological Safety, Radical Candor, Inquiry, Active Listening, Autonomy, Responsibility, Accountability, Participation, Experimentation, Collaboration, Responsiveness and Creativity in service of the Purpose and People’s interests.

- How we can create workplaces where every voice matters, everyone thrives and finds meaning, and change and innovation happen naturally.

- Why work is just not work, it's life.

- How compassion builds better companies.

- Practical measures and techniques for bringing more humanity and life to the workplace.

- Why businesses should, in fact, have more meetings to stimulate human connection.

- Why you need to hire and work with the right people, not necessarily the best.

Self-Conscious Organisations

A presentation that shows, in an inspiring way, how executives can prepare their organisations for an exponential and prosperous continuous present. What makes an organisation conscious and what kind of environment is necessary for this collective way of being to emerge and blossom? Which capabilities do you need? What does transformational leadership look like? How can you use deep consciousness and self-awareness to lead your organisation to the next stage? How do you build the organisation of the future that owns the present by caring, sharing and being fair?

Trends & Innovation

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