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All business problems are really people problems in disguise.

Most organizations today were formed and still operate based on industrial age thinking. We rely largely on command and control and the separation of people and functions into parts or groups where each part is optimized. Legacy organizational principles created specialist yet siloed, uncooperative structures. But in these times of rapid change and disruption, old-school thinking and ways of organising ourselves are failing us. Today’s times call for adopting a more effective wise-thinking approach that considers the present as well as the future, the 'continuous present'.

The way most organizations operate today is actively blocking human potential and hindering teamwork, instead of enabling it.

We believe that a better approach is needed.


Embracing a more multi-disciplined approach has been a critical factor in the success of disruptive phenomena. Instead of more one-size-fits-all bottom-up change initiatives forced upon employees, we need to embrace smaller, thinking and behavioural changes that create ripple effects throughout the organization.

The world we live and work in is changing so fast that it has become impossible to predict or even to effectively plan for. Yet, most companies that are shaping our future – for better or worse – are using an outdated and ineffective way of working and doing business that revolves unsustainably around planning and predictability.

This old way of working is still useful in a few limited contexts where the tasks are most routine and require the least amount of collaboration. But, more and more, the challenges we face are incredibly complex and human, requiring close collaboration among teams with diverse skill sets and perspectives.

The long-term value of an organisation is based on the existing human capabilities and the speed and quality of its sense-making, decision-making and action-taking.

There are literally millions of people who are unhappy, unproductive, and not bringing their full value to the organization. Workplaces and management practices are destroying individual and organizational health.


This is a huge opportunity for organizations to go full throttle with a deep ecosystem human transformation and completely outpace their competitors.

Most importantly, managers need to understand that transformation is not about decisions made in a boardroom, but about what happens in the everyday thoughts, actions, interactions and relationships. To succeed, transformational efforts need to empower managers and employees with more than just lip service, but with real tools, techniques and resources that help them solve the real situations that come with adopting new practices. With the right support, we can succeed where much fail if we’re fully conscious and aware of the whole spectrum.

Our support is often solicited to:


  • Make sense of the contexts and disruptions

  • Solve urgent problems

  • Manage complex transformational change

  • Promote shifts in mindset and culture

  • Engage, retain, and grow human capabilities and capacities

  • Champion new ways of thinking and working, cognitive diversity, and inclusion

  • Adapt quickly in an ever-changing world

  • Leverage innovative and disruptive technologies

  • Make better decisions, faster

  • Create value that matters


Our clients trust us. We have gained this trust by always putting their interests first ahead of commercial gain.

We don’t deploy vast consultant armies where the youngest lower ranks are expected to spend their time building slide decks and complex spreadsheets. We do facilitate small incisive impactful interventions for immediate results. 

We offer the three pillars of management consulting: strategy, change, delivery.

Our work is invariably demanding, challenging and complex and this is something to be embraced rather than feared and this is also one of the many advantages of being fully conscious and able to see life just as it is.

The who & THE HOW


Conscious and Self-aware Human Being.

Neo-generalist | Creator, Builder, Advisor, Counsellor, Transformational Agent, Catalyst for Change, Organisational Architect, Processes Engineer, Team Builder, Products and Services Developer, Coach, Mentor, Trainer, Trends Curator, Speaker, Writer.

I can tell you many things, I can tell you many stories but until it becomes a living experience to you it's just a tale for you to believe.
Stories and tales can be very entertaining and even bring you some solace but won't turn into truth and liberation unless you embody it through a pure root process of transformation and transcendence.

I enjoy helping people connect the dots - to frame the situations, re-envision possibilities and opportunities from where meaningful insights and actions for life, work and business emerge.
I help organizations unravel the human factors that block transformation, change, evolution and innovation. 


My goal is to act as a key catalyst agent of transformation, change and disruption to help companies and individuals navigate and reinvent themselves in this ever-changing world.

I also perform as an effective communicator and keynote speaker focused on understanding human nature and consciousness, evolution, change and disruption as well as future-shaping trends and new ways of living, working and doing business.

We are Game Changers! We are Go-getters!

We build movements that transform how the world lives, organizes, leads, and works.

GAME changer


an event, idea, or procedure that effects a significant shift in the current manner of doing or thinking about something.

a newly introduced element or factor that changes an existing situation or activity in a significant way.



someone who is very energetic, determined to be successful, and able to deal with new or difficult situations easily

Our experience and research have shown us that there is no single, one-size-fits-all solution that can address the needs of every organization. Each organization, and every team and individual within those organizations, has its own culture, set of common values, and unique business challenges and realities.


This is why we apply the core principles of human-centred design because any successful change must be designed with and for the people who want to change.


We work with leaders and teams across the organization to capture the true state of how work gets done, based on shared visions and missions, and all the intricacies involved.

Each culture has its own levers for change and its own antibodies and self-imposed limitations. We observe, interact and learn what might work, engage all employees in a participatory process, and scale the solutions that work.


Based on organizational purpose and goals, we enable teams to design their own roles, structures, and processes. We then design a collaborative way of identifying what’s working, where teams are getting stuck, and what iterative improvements we can make.


Our work deliberately breaks down the traditional command-and-control hierarchy. We encourage our senior-most partners to support and model this change and empower their teams to work with greater effectiveness and autonomy.


Eradicate the boundaries and bottlenecks of typical consulting relationships and drive change through compassion and agility. We work with our clients as members of the same team, building capacities through coaching and daily practice.


The optimal solution is a continuously evolving response to changes, challenges, and opportunities as they emerge. We believe that the only way to unlock your organization’s potential is to develop your capacity to sense and respond to the challenges and opportunities you face – continuously and with the full participation of everyone.

This is why we are a laboratory for cutting edge ways of organizing and working. We are constantly studying, prototyping and testing new practices and methods that we think might become building blocks for a better future of work.

We take ideas and data from ancient wisdom, first-hand experience, anthropology, sociology, social psychology, management, economics, politics, philosophy, literature, human history, and neuroscience, plus a great deal of evidence-based psychology, and reframe what is going on in organisations through these rich and varied lenses which are then combined with fresh approaches drawn from beyond the boundaries of corporate culture and inspired by the new industry disruptors, the rebels and reinventors.

Doing that reveals a myriad of possibilities for action that are currently hidden from leadership's eyes. We can help you design, imagine, facilitate, create and deliver radical ideas and disruptions to critical business issues, solving game-changing problems and activating people.

We know that usually, the solutions lie within. Our job is to help you build the capacities to develop the solution.


These capacities suggest new ways of thinking and being that can help people to be more authentic, aware, collaborative, and co-creative. Together, they bring an expanded sense of self and new ways of connecting that enhance our ability to interact with each other. Using these abilities, we become more active participants in co-creating a workplace where every voice matters, everyone thrives, flourishes, succeeds and finds meaning, and where evolution, transformation, transcendence and innovation happen naturally, creating a robust and resilient business.



We offer dynamic learning experiences on leading-edge practices for agility, speed and creativity.


We create new operating systems that enable organizations to continuously foresight and adapt in response to a changing world.

Future-proofing focuses on long-range planning, flexibility, sustainability, adaptability, and resiliency, overall ensuring that what is built will last but let's be blunt: nothing is future-proof. The unpredictability of today's world and the accelerating pace of change make accurate prognostication impossible. Instead of trying to accurately predict the future or just telling everyone to learn to cope with change, what if we could have a strategy and organization that is more resilient and more adaptable to change?

Enrol in The Tardigrades Program to know more...



We support leaders as they develop the mindsets, capabilities, skills, and systems to activate change in volatile and uncertain conditions.


We believe that people do their best when their work brings them joy. We love what we do, and want to help others discover the joy in their work. 

We can also partner with consultancies, training organisations and other institutions to augment their programs.


Outside consultants hired by companies to revamp their organisations rely heavily on practices that have worked before. “We did this at company X, and look how well they are doing” is the typical pitch. This methodology, which I will call “best practice transfer”, has two potential problems. First, correlation is not causation. It is easy to be fooled by randomness into thinking that a particular structure or practice drives success, when in fact it does not (or it may have even harmed performance). Placebo effects – where thinking that something will work can be self-fulfilling – may also occur.  Second, organisations are all different; even something that worked well elsewhere may not work in your firm.

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