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Feel well about the price you pay.

If you don’t feel well about the price you’ve paid, you won’t be happy either satisfied. If that’s the reality, my work won’t feel fulfilling. My intention is to feel that what I’ve earned is fair and those who’ve benefited from my work to feel well about what they pay.

Gift Economy

The gift economy is an alternative to the market system. I can receive gifts in the form of money from individuals or companies seeking to transform their lives, works and businesses.


In a gift economy, you learn to offer what you can, based on what you have in order to meet another person’s material needs (food, water, shelter, warmth, coldness, and health care). The point of a gift economy is to cultivate proper, disinterested generosity: offering neither too much nor too little but just enough of what money you have on the basis of appreciation and admiration.

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