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About Us

Experiences Crafters and Guides to the Unknown

The most reliable source of wisdom and new learning is the experience that you go through, so try having as many of those as you can! 


Experience the nature of life as it is, the pure state of everything.

Live unique life-changing experiences.

Take unforgettable mind and life journeys.

Unravel the unknown.


Come as a potential client and leave as a friend. 


We do offer advice and guidance, we’ll be an advocate looking out for your best interest and will take care of you, even if something goes wrong. 


We are looking for people who are super curious and want to celebrate life as it is, that love the diversity and beauty of things, especially the smallest ones, that value and crave for a sense of authenticity, and sensibility around craftsmanship, people that are much more interested in the “making” aspect of things than just having things.


We’re not just looking at traditional benchmarks of luxury but also to its true sense, the Neo-Luxury, where access to the spirit and the essence of a place or thing is the real deal. At this point, the definition of luxury today is exactly those things you can’t put a price on. 


As travel becomes less about the journey and more about what happens in a place and can be experienced, our focus is on providing deeper experiences, real catalysts for creating deeper connections with self and nature that can inspire, empower, and support people to make meaningful and lasting changes in their lives.


It is something that transcends the physical location, it’s not about America, Europe or Asia, it’s more about the singular experiential aspect of things, and about people feeling compelled to visit that place and be together. It’s about the uniqueness of the experience, more than “it has to be in a certain country or region.”


Nobody wants to be a real tourist anymore, just to consume and nothing else. No, we want to be part of our destination, make a positive contribution and see things that 'normal' tourists don't see. So that we can come home and say that we have really experienced something.


The definition of Luxury is always very personal and unique. Our aim is to provide unprecedented access to that definition in the form of reality. Because in the end, Luxury is what makes you feel well.


We are always looking for new ways for you to meet interesting people and spend time wisely and joyfully, that’s why we create exquisitely curated programmes around personal transformation, spirituality, food, wellness, adventure, music and arts. 


Our intention is also to naturally start to form a community of people dedicated to changing lives (their own and others) and the world, always looking for new ways to connect, build relationships and that want to embrace a conscious lifestyle.


It’s about beautiful activations, meals and experiences where we can meet with old friends that we consider family and new friends that start off as strangers.


We want to connect with open-minded people. We want to be open and have conversations and learn. So we are always looking for spaces and experiences where this can happen because it really revolves about the people, service, environment and experience.


We design destination-oriented nature, low connectivity, but high immersion activities and experiences but also giving you the ability to be closer to nature without sacrificing creature comforts. 


We hope that at least two things may happen; That you meet someone you’ll be friends with the rest of your life, and that you do something you’ve never done before.


Our goal is to take care of your every need and design an amazing and unique trip that is tailored to your travel style and budget.


From the moment you leave your home until the moment you return, our desire is to create the most seamless, convenient and meaningful travel experience possible.

We are obsessed with details and pride ourselves on leaving no stone unturned in seeking out the authentic, the unusual, the inspirational, or simply the extraordinarily beautiful.

Whether you know exactly where you want to go or need advice on something new and off the beaten path that suits your preferences, we will propose, plan and execute with passion, excellence and attention to detail.


Our designers provide personalized planning and tailor itineraries according to your preferences, taking care of logistics and unlocking access to coveted accommodations, dining experiences, activities, events and more. As regional and cultural experts, we identify what is unique and authentic about a place, and weave this through every moment of a journey.


We design travel experiences that honour local traditions and cultures, working in true collaboration with locals and communities.


We are bound to offering experiences that drip with exclusivity.


Celebrate the spirit of the “curious traveller” even more and explore off-the-beaten-path destinations with all-inclusive trips including guides, meals, on-the-ground transport, and accommodations, along with any necessary gear.


Stories define us, inspire us, and unite us. Every life is a story worth sharing. Through group sessions, meditation and storytelling, we create new opportunities for conversation, connection, growth, and transformation. 

Every day, your cheeks should be washed with tears of love, joy and ecstasy. If this doesn't happen, you're not living yet.


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