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We are Wellbeing Developers

We help people mastering the art of living consciously well while discovering their true selves, through yoga, meditation, coaching, holistic counselling, healing of the self, inner congruity and unique tailored/curated travels, experiences, journeys, programs, retreats, tours, methodologies, tools, techniques and therapies.


Sound Healing

Each day and experience offers unique sounds and the opportunity for self-expression through music and dance. 

Using sounds to activate the Human system is the basis of Nada Yoga or the Yoga of Sound.



The art of using books to aid people in solving the issues they are facing, intended to enrich and inspire the patient, as well as speak to their special problems.



Take your self to off-the-beaten-paths and lands for unforgettable experiences. Discover new places, and leave with new friends and lasting memories.



Food and Mindful Eating are at the heart of every experience.

Savour all that is hedonistic, local, and real, with all the right ingredients. 

Dynamic social spaces define our approach to food and drink. Discover a collection of engaging, versatile venues that are true destinations—for hotel and club members as well as the broader community. Eat, drink, meet, or simply savour the stunning landscape and views.

You may have the opportunity to integrate an authentic farm-to-table dining experience with acclaimed chefs preparing locally supplied, traditional/fusion dining cuisines for both casual family-style experiences and innovative gatherings.

With an in-depth knowledge of Portuguese and worldwide gastronomies, we ensure that you never miss a unique meal while travelling. You may also have access to seats at agenda-setting restaurants, and chefs and restaurateurs who treat our clients as family and friends. 

We can also arrange cooking lessons, local market and street-food guides, and farm, foraging, and fishing trips.



Morning Ashtanga. Sunset Meditation. Underwater Immersion Breathing. Sound Bath Experiences. Each day deconstructs you, balances you, centres you, and challenges you in the best possible way.



Thoughtful gatherings bring together diverse groups to share and connect in a relaxed and inspiring atmosphere.


Remember to be open-minded, be ready to embrace the unexpected, don’t forget that unpredictable moments can be the most meaningful ones and don’t take life and yourself too seriously while at it. Have no expectations and explore new ways of perceiving life, nature, yourself and others. Build relations that matter. Spread love, compassion and a lot of good emotions. Don’t be afraid to share and show your feelings. Everyone has something to learn and something to teach. Dive in an intellectually humble, spiritual, and inspirational journey.

Always see the best you can do for everyone around you. It is this sense of offering that will make you shine.


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