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“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveller is unaware.”

Anthony Bourdain


Luxury Travel & Food Tours


We’ve visited, we’ve eaten there, and we’re excited to share it all with you.

Each of our handcrafted itineraries is meant to share our passion for travel and food with you and can be completely personalized to fit your unique lifestyle and preferences.

We are looking to create meaningful cultural exchanges and experiences and believe that the most memorable interactions revolve around food. Our passion, knowledge and personal relationships allow us to create and craft opportunities to delight and enable deeper connections to the people, places, traditions, and customs of the places we are visiting.

We can organize everything from the moment you leave to the moment you return giving you the opportunity to relax and enjoy your trip without any worries.

We have carefully built relationships with guides and chefs, curated restaurants and producers, and handpicked hotels and airlines to provide our guests with opportunities for more local, intimate, and enriching experiences.

Destination Restaurants & Culinary Experiences


We can plan a weekend retreat to an all-in-one culinary destination like Comporta, where you can dine in the Food Circle – Sublime Comporta´s outdoor organic restaurant.

This is a dynamic space, based on sustainable production and inspired by the principles of Permaculture. Around the counter, there is room for only 12 people who want to live this unforgettable experience –  to have direct contact with the chefs, with the earth and dine under the stars with the aromas of the garden. Here, only ancestral cooking methods are used and fire has a leading role leaving behind modern techniques giving precedence to the land and history that is part of us. The experience is complemented with some of Portugal´s best wines and all of this after a visit to their first-class spa.

And if you feel like extending your stay, we can arrange for further exploration of the destination, visiting producers from where these restaurants source, nearby vineyards and breweries, and more!

Historical & Cultural Tours

From the North to the South of Portugal, visit some of the most important and inspiring medieval historical landmarks. 

Lisbon South Bay Tours


Arrabida National Park and Setúbal

Gorgeous beaches, breathtaking viewpoints, and lush greenery expect you on the roads of Arrabida. You can also add the Boat tour that with some luck can have the company of dolphins, Stand Up Paddle or Kayak in the clear calm waters or even coasteering. The seafood is some of the freshest you can find around Lisbon and there's also the local speciality that you must try, the fried squid.

This is a tour around the Setubal District, south of Lisbon, with unique views from the Arrábida Natural Park Hill down to some of the best beaches in Europe. In this region, you will know about wine producers and delicious cakes in Azeitão and one of the most important fishing villages, Sesimbra where closeby you can find also some pre-historical marks. Palmela with its medieval castle and some of its historical settlements remains since the Bronze Age and lots of Roman Heritage. A fantastic trip through some secret spots and the typical gastronomy.


Do the full-day tour or choose what you want to see and experience.

The Douro Tours


Historical Train between Régua and Tua
Travelling on the Douro Historical Train is like travelling back in time. In a route along the Douro River, the steam locomotive and the five historical carriages run the distance between Régua and Tua, on a unique trip to the past through the beautiful landscape, which is classified by UNESCO as World Heritage.

One-day programme leaving Régua and returning with a stop at Pinhão, and then on to Tua and back. On-board entertainment with regional singers and musicians and a toast with a glass of Porto Ferreira. You can also try the Régua candies, a tradition for those who visit this region of Portugal.


World Best Driving Road
The road between Pinhão and Régua - The National Road 222 (EN222) was considered the World Best Driving Road by AVIS.


Boat Tour in the Douro
Discover the Douro region and all its genuine winemaking landscapes during this cruise. Relax with a Porto wine tasting service and try typical regional delicacies along the tour.

Gastronomic and Wine Experiences

Traditional treading grapes​ with Tours & Wine plus Moscatel tasting and Traditional Meals.


The Lighthouses Tour


Visit all the capes and lighthouses of Portugal all along its 700Km of its beautiful and unique coastline.

Stay in Boutique Hotels that are close to the sea.


Somewhere and something special and unique.

Lisbon South Bay, Douro, Others...



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