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“Without experiencing the joy of life, you cannot seek the source of life.” 

Anthony Bourdain

Travel & Experiences

Bespoke Travel: We design custom travel that unlocks the real, the rare and the wonderful, creating once-in-a-lifetime experiences. 


Receive informed, personalized advice and travel design from our team of human, regional and cultural specialists. We can take care of everything so you don’t have to worry and just enjoy life and time properly as it must be.


Our team can arrange ideally situated locations of architectural merit, and full-service staffing including chefs and butlers fueled with experiences that capture the essence of that particular region or led by a particular connoisseur.


Privacy, nature, music, wellness and exquisite communal spaces add an element of purpose to each stay.


For some people, our programs represent a place to disconnect from technology, work or life - for others, it's a chance to connect with their true selves and to reconnect with the people and things that matter most.


Relaxation and Inspiration at Portugal’s Boutique Hotels: With its Modernist traditions, Portuguese architecture is a national heritage. Discover contemporary variations at some of the most relaxing and impressive hotels in the country.

Experience Carefully Curated Lifestyle Journeys

Each experience is built around aspects of the quintessential region, such as craftsmanship, art and architecture, nature and wildlife, and food and wine. Specialists — including chefs and chocolatiers, artisans and perfumers, and art historians and botanists — lead the tours and contribute their expert insight.

The intention is to offer a world of opportunities for seekers to discover or rediscover the country and its regions in a tailor-designed style with local experts, masters in their field, who will ensure they will experience the real and authentic and lesser-known aspects.

Many of the experiences allow seekers to work with master makers to create their own keepsake, whether that be a traditional tile, a bottle of wine or chocolate with a very distinctive hands-on aspect where we invite everybody to take an active part and become a real participant, getting involved in different aspects of life to create meaningful journeys of discovery.

Portugal is a territory yet to be truly discovered, where famous cities and renowned villages still conceal secret gems, unique places and as yet unknown perspectives. 

Each itinerary sets the highest standards in terms of attention to details and immersive experiences, ensuring that the uniqueness of the destination, the people, and the culture are always central to the experience. We provide you with an insider’s perspective, allowing you to rediscover the places you thought you knew through unique and truly authentic experiences.

We give you the option to select from a broad range of activities to ensure your experience is customized to your liking, from the carefully selected boutique retreats to unique experiences, we ensure that your experience is a truly remarkable and inspiring journey.

Our carefully curated tours and experiences are designed to stimulate the senses and emphasize balance, a sense of place and most importantly, comfort and pleasure. So instead of hours just dedicated to sightseeing, our tours seek to balance and use activities to enhance the journey, giving you other opportunities to experience more and travel deeper. Our tours are designed to accommodate a range of varying physical abilities and most importantly, emphasize a sustainable, conscious and healthy lifestyle. Each activity is carefully selected to highlight the purpose of the journey, the surrounding natural environment and to create truly memorable experiences.

Worry not (it will only make it double, Bobby McFerrin Dixit)!. Everything will be set accordingly with your capabilities and desires. Want to ride the same circuit as the pros? No problem. Prefer a short walk, followed by a wine tasting, or a cooking demonstration and a spa treatment? We’ve got a plan for that, too. Trips are supported by vehicles that are there for weary travellers or to carry extra gear, purchases, etc.

Our technical partner is Portugal Unknown Tours, a destination management company with an excellent track record specializing in the high-end tourism segment, creating bespoke experiences to meet the desires of every client.

Examples of Featured Local Experiences:


Private Locally Farmed Dinners

Scenic Picnic Lunches and Tastings

Night Sky Experiences

Tiles, Pottery and Tapestry: Uncovering Portugal Artisanal Roots

Chocolate Production

Harvest and Winemaking

Mindful Portuguese Cooking Classes

Beach Cleansing Ritual

Horse riding lessons and walks


Berry/Fruit catching

Scenic bicycle rides


Boat Tours + Fishing + Dive

Stand-up paddleboarding

Sea kayaking




Examples of Featured Retreats


Clarity Retreat

Corporate & Executive Retreats

Transformation Retreats

Co-Living & Coworking Retreats

Examples of Featured Vineyards & Wineries


Quinta do Piloto

José Maria da Fonseca


Herdade Paço Do Conde

Esporão Organic Vineyard

Herdade Do Freixo

Quinta da Avessada

Quinta do Vallado

Quinta do Seixo

Quinta do Bomfim

Quinta do Portal

Quinta da Pacheca

Quinta de la Rosa

& More

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”


Douro, Dão e Lafões, Setúbal, Alentejo.

Douro, Setúbal, Alentejo

Picnic with a View
Fresh Bread Rolls


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