Be a Winemaker

Available for individuals, groups and corporate/team-building events.

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Journey into the exciting and seductive world of wine with a specialist that will guide you on your way to making your own wine.
Taste the wines and experience their connection to the land they grew in. Our specialist will help you to unlock the elements of each wine’s scent profile, structure, body, freshness and finish.
With your nose tingling and your mouth-watering, you'll begin the task of creating your own blend under the specialist supervision.  Draw samples from barrels and learn to blend, basing your choices on your personal wine style preferences.
Employing all the wine experience you have gained, you will create your own unique wine, christen it with a name of your choosing and design a label to grace the bottle you will carry away with you.  Celebrate your new career as an expert winemaker with some traditional local products and delicacies, watching the sun bathe the landscape.
Try something unique, monitoring the winemaking process to create your own wine. The activity begins with the blending, followed by bottling, corking and labelling and finally, you can take away the wine with you. A remarkable and very special experience.