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"There are two ways to live. Either you are created by situations or you will create the situations that which you will live by."

Anthony Bourdain

Programs & Retreats

Nature Programs


A new study suggests that nature may make us happier and healthier because it inspires awe.

In recent years, a number of wilderness therapy programs have cropped up to help people who suffer from mental health challenges. These trips often involve physically and emotionally engaging experiences—like backpacking or rock-climbing in remote areas—combined with therapeutic work from caring professionals. Something about being engaged in nature seems to help hard-to-treat patients open up, find new confidence, and focus their lives in more positive directions.

Psychologists who conduct these programs believe there is healing power in nature, bolstered by research that suggests green spaces are good for our health, our well-being, and even our relationships. 

recent study, led by researcher Craig Anderson and his colleagues (including the Greater Good Science Center’s faculty director, Dacher Keltner), suggests it could be awe—that sense of being in the presence of something greater than ourselves that fills us with wonder.


Forest Baths - Immerse yourself in the green and make a connection with nature. 🍃🛀🌳

Shinrin Yoku is a Japanese term that means taking in the forest or 'forest bathing'. Studies show that bathing in the forest can lower your heart rate and blood pressure and enhance your creativity, it decreases stress, increases the count of the body’s Natural Killer Cells (NK), which are vital for a healthy immune system, improves well-being, ability to focus, energy levels, and better sleep.

Have a close connection to nature, listen to all the sounds around you and feel the surface by walking barefoot. Does this sound vague or do you already feel calm when you read this?

A moonlight hike

Brace yourself as you and your companions set off with your expert guide for a moonlight hike unlike any other.  Prepare to hit the trails after a hearty “aperitivo” provided by your guide before you set off on your trekking experience. The challenge is not an arduous trail through rugged surroundings, rather, an emotional and personal challenge where you learn to trust your instincts, open yourself to the experience of night time hiking and all the myriad sensory possibilities it offers you.  

All your senses tingle as your eyes grow accustomed to the shades and tones of a landscape lit by the glow of a silvery moon and the twinkle of distant stars.  On a cloudy evening, you walk through a smudged charcoal countryside and find depth in subtle greys and browns, with dark green trees and vegetation adding form and reference.  Your hearing becomes alert to the tiny rustling sounds of nature’s creatures of the night and you listen for the swoop of bird wings and the high notes of crickets symphony guiding you through the darkness. 


Experience the freedom of a still country night as you meld with a dreamlike quality only darkness provides. You may be so reluctant to return to the world of artificial light that you choose to extend your night trekking experience with an intimate dinner awash with gentle candlelight to share all your perceptions of your experience with your companions before heading to bed and the dawn of a new day.


Wellbeing and Self-Care Programs


Self-care is never a selfish act - it is simply good stewardship of the only gift I have, the gift I was put on earth to offer to others.

- Parker Palmer

Discovering your true self is the act of acknowledging that you are indeed a sacred, immaterial and timeless being. 


Wellness, Healing and Spiritual Retreats

Each journey starts with raising some awareness, an education and a conversation, where the seeker finds an insight about their own body, not just at physical, mental but also at an emotional and energetical level too. It is wakefulness at the deeper dimensions of our own existence and learning the tools and techniques to work on inner engineering.

The way we think and feel directly affects our everyday health, as there is a deep connection between our body, our mind, our emotions and energies.

Only when we are able to maintain ourselves fully conscious and alert, our full potential can unfold. Improving and maintaining our body, mind, emotional and energetic health - living in a state of permanent balance and alignment - opens the journey of finding our true purpose in life and master the art of living well and joyfully.

At our Retreats, personalized practices and experiences act as an invitation to a beautiful journey of deepening self-awareness and consciousness. Enabling you to live life as it is and with more purpose, vitality and joy, knowing that we each have the ability to become our own healer. 

Based on this unique approach, which blends ancient wisdom and practices, every treatment and program at our Retreats encourages seekers to see life as a celebration and transformation, to see possibilities instead of problems. Embark on this joyous process!

During the healing journey, the practitioner is responsible to surface the ‘needs’ of the guest rather than what treatment or therapy the guest ‘wants or visualises’ for himself. Also knowing the cause behind the certain condition of the body is important to heal it at the root level.

The healer does not heal the body but helps the body to heal itself. He creates an environment where the natural self gets deeply connected within itself. So it is most important to guide the seeker to attain the right state of awareness where their consciousness can freely awake and arise.

The healers have their own visions when they come in connections with the energy or the electro-magnetic bio force of the clients. Their sensitivity towards the seeker’s energies and being defines the natural connection between them, where they can personalize and customize their healing according to the need of the patient.

Once you can master the “Inner Congruity” you can learn to work with and align your body, mind, emotions and energies. What we call Bioenergy today scientifically was long recognized as “Brahma Urja or Pranas” spiritually in the Vedic literature of ancient India. So these old traditional healing concepts are the stepping stones and the milestones for a true and deep personal transformation.

And thus, prepare a fertile ground for all the great healing experiences to blossom. With the inner awareness and consciousness, you’ll be able to receive all the beauty, love and delight that surround us. 

And very naturally, when we receive and appreciate we want to give back the love and the light to the world we live in. Healing inside – healing outside.

Our Wellness, Healing and Spiritual Retreats are always set in inspiring and authentic places of healing and transformation, helping guests on their journey to self-discovery and inner revival. Surrounded by beautiful mountains, lush pine forests, fertile valleys and fields, rivers or beaches, the retreat runs in complete harmony with its natural surroundings and in perfect places to restore physical, emotional, mental and energetic balance.


A wide range of complementary daily group Wellness activities are offered to aim to gently restore body, mind, emotions and energies and enhance your journey to wellbeing.

  • Meditation (Inner Congruity)

  • Morning Walks and Trekks in beautiful landscapes

  • Yoga (Vinyasa, Hatha, Hatha Kriya, Astanga Yoga and Aerial Yoga)

All the science of Yoga is about enhancing perception.

Yoga is not a belief system, it is not a teaching, it is not a philosophy, it is a technology to expand the dimension of who you are right now.

For instance, we can start the day with early morning ocean plunges, yoga practised under towering pine trees, calming guided meditation, along with healthful fresh juice breaks featuring inventive light homemade snacks and then proceed to your chosen activity for the day.

Cultural tours to medieval historical landmarks, all within a couple of minutes driving time.

Sea experience for boat trips along the extense and beautiful coast, inlets for swimming and other health and fitness-related coastal events.

Outdoor activities, such as mountain trekking & fitness activities on foot.

Treatments & Therapies
  • Spa and massage therapies

  • Holistic medicine treatments

  • Five-element cleansings

  • Acupuncture

  • Ayurveda treatments

  • Energy treatments such as reconnective and Crystal healing

  • Hydrotherapy

  • Physical, mental and emotional wellbeing programs

  • Emotional and transformational healing sessions with professional support

Golf Programs

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Food & Wine


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Escapes, Safaris & Alternative

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Sunset in the Nature
1/2 or 1

Somewhere beautiful, green and awe-inspiring.

Several options available

Reiki Treatment
Cooking Over Campfire


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