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Branded Real Estate

With a booming real estate market, smaller property developments are harnessing the power of branding to sell their properties—and for a very good reason. Prospective buyers are getting savvier and savvier. They’re looking for unique developments that sell them a lifestyle as well as a home. They want more than just four walls—they want a full immersion into what it would feel like to live somewhere. They want to experience the dream.

Stand out amidst competition with a unique and incomparable selling point that will allow your development to achieve higher sales price and status that can turn it into an iconic landmark.


There is an increasing demand for high standards of design, leisure and labelled property among the sophisticated buyers of today in both established and emerging markets.


Now, wealthy individuals are demanding designer developments with restaurants, bars and leisure facilities and all sorts of hotel-like amenities on site – and a well known trusted brand name associated with their property, especially in emerging markets.


In the same way that a branded luxury item exudes a particular ideal, taste, and lifestyle, a branded residence comes with clear unique selling points that premium buyers can quickly identify with. This is important because buyers are investing in the very concept, design, and idea of branded residential development.


Global research shows that developers can increase profits by around a third by building "branded homes", fully-serviced designer luxury houses that separate them from the rest of the real estate pack and appeal to an aspirational clientele.

Sale premiums on branded residences over the non-branded competition can range from 8% in a mature market like London to an astronomical 150% in an emerging market like Kazakhstan or Portugal, where branded residences represent some of the first luxury product of international standards.


Using globally known starchitects such as Daniel Libeskind, Frank Gehry, Norman Foster and César Pelli, designers such as Philippe Starck, Armani/Casa or celebrities such as Lenny Kravitz, Kate Moss and Jade Jagger, developers operating in the competitive global property marketplace view branded residences as a way to give their developments the edge. Brands such as Versace, Armani and Porsche have all lent their names to developments in recent years.


The four key reasons why branded properties outperform non-branded developments are the innovation in the property market, high clientele services, design and the trust associated with buying into a known brand. That is why Branded Real Estate does not mean just a name selling developments.

Branded Real Estate is all about individuality and exclusivity and thus work best with prime properties. By raising the overall profile of top-market residential developments, brand collaborations make real estate more attractive to wealthy buyers who prefer a certain level of luxury and prestige.

For property investors, unique and prestigious residential projects are certainly appealing. Their sale or resale attracts high-level buyers, directly translating into premium prices and a genuine increase in values. Since branded developments lie on the most competitive and innovative edge of the market, buyers are happy to pay more for premium services and image as they acknowledge the uplift in headline capital value.

Then there’s the issue of trust. For international property buyers who want to enter a foreign market like Portugal with an unfamiliar market and legal system, a known brand considerably increases trust in a project and confidence in its delivery. This sense of familiarity and safety is a boon to developments that are clearly targeted to foreign investors.


Branded Residences can only be turned into reality by a group of inspired, passionate and dedicated people, with a shared vision of creating a truly unique living experience through exceptional design and ingenuity.


The result should be a set of elegant homes with a sophisticated and thoughtfully created living experience that aims to meet the expectations of even the most discerning residents.


The exceptional architecture, interiors, landscapes, amenities, services, materials and finishes all combine to serve one primary purpose; to make everyday life an extraordinary experience.

In addition to the expansive accommodation and family living and entertaining areas, these well-appointed homes must provide more than enough space to allow for ‘me time’ - for those moments when you are seeking a little solitude, to sit, unwind and meditate in your own tranquil sanctuary.

This is how we propose to achieve it:

Concept Design: Identification & Diagnosis of the Developer, Customer and Brand

We provide all the necessary support and assistance to identify the right brands to match with your Real Estate project’s objectives and strategies.


First of all, we will do a deep diagnosis to design the profile of the potential customer and your vision, creating a narrative around which to build the design because it is critically important for a developer to partner with a brand that will resonate with the desired target audiences and aligns with their lifestyle aspirations.


This scrutinous process is necessary for the correct identification of all stakeholders and as a way of effectively increasing the chances of success allowing the alignment between all parts and the most precise identification of the right brand(s) to match with your project’s objectives and vision in order to create a truly unique and iconic branded development.


Our blended approach of strategic thinking, trend analysis, research and asking the right questions will correctly identify your vision, needs, objectives and a brand that embraces it with enthusiasm and can co-op, always resulting in a win-win situation for everyone.

Initial spatial planning is also conducted and we craft boards, sketches and CGI’s to visually bring the concept to life.

Interior Architecture

Our architectural and development capabilities and partnerships set us apart from typical design studios.  Our tailored approach to projects starts by thoughtfully designing from the inside out so that the scheme is perfectly in balance with the architecture of the building and the desired lifestyle while exploring all the potential value that can be extracted and realized by maximizing the useable space through innovative design and where appropriate, increase the overall footprint of the project, realizing its true potential, weaving the most exacting technical requirements into the fabric of each building.

Residential Interior Design

The projects we create demand an extraordinary level of detail and understanding of the personal and cultural requirements of the discerning partners with whom we work. 

That's the only way to provide an amazing living experience and symbiosis in the whole project from the best in class finishes, exquisite detailing and bespoke one-off designs and art to the texture and feel of the FF&E.

Commercial Interior Design

From private offices through to hotels, we may also offer a wide range of turnkey services for corporate and hospitality clients to leverage our luxury expertise, from concept development through to dressing and styling.

Engagement, Synergies & Negotiation

After we have found all the answers to the questions about the developer, vision, brand and the correct target market and audience, then we can start working on the designed concept and having discussions with the identified brands and possibly other potential partnerships to find the right match between your vision, plans, expectations, the concept design and the brands own strategy and positioning. This includes understanding quality standards, time frames on deliverables, commercial terms, marketing strategy and planning and other relevant aspects that matter in such a project.


After decisions have been made, an agreement has been reached and both the developer and the brand are in synch, negotiations about the commercial structure (licensee fee, design fees, exclusivity fees, minimum purchase, etc.) will take place, as well as on time frame deliverables.


During the whole process, we will always act as facilitators and coordinators to ensure clear, smooth and transparent communication, liaison and alignment between the developer and the brand even after all the contracts are concluded.

Project Management & Handover

Throughout the entire project, from concept through to completion, we will work closely with the developer and the brand's representatives ensuring the brand’s image, quality standards, timelines, budgeting, guidelines and that all expectations and aspirations are matched for a seamless delivery of the project to all stakeholders, turning the dream into reality.

Marketing, Launch & Construction

We love to create unique brand propositions that resonate.  We can deliver all elements of brand creation, realization, and strategy, from brand positioning, website and logo development through to launch collateral.  We have all the capabilities and knowledge to produce luxurious marketing campaigns and brochures through to social media and film.

With the creation of a powerful story and the help of a very impactful marketing strategy, we seek to draw everybody’s attention and develop a faithful following, due to high levels of identification.


The quality of your development combined with this will elevate your building to a whole new level of differentiation and to an iconic positioning that will leave its permanent mark not only in the land, the market but also in terms of image, prestige, credibility and ultimate status.

Creating the right marketing and sales strategy is fundamental for a successful project and in generating incremental sales increases and maximize revenue.

Our approach enables our partners to have a single point of contact throughout their project, from initial concept and planning through to completion and handover. This allows us to take care of and guarantee every last bespoke detail according to all parts desires. That's why we will be leading the project’s transformation and acting as the main contractor throughout the entire process.

Staging, Dressing & Styling

By now, you already know that the living experience means a lot for us and our customers, that is why we design a multi-sensorial approach for our staging, dressing and styling projects.

We always like to take our clients on an experiential journey from the time they enter the building to the comfort of their homes. 

We carefully curate a thoughtful collection of furniture, antiques, rugs, art, books and objects as well as floral displays, scent and even music, that unlocks the story of the space and captures the imagination. From bespoke scent development to library curation, the end result is always understated and effortless, just like thoughtful luxury should be.


Luxdable Homes with all its expertise and being a full-service agency that clearly understands this kind of product and the needs of buyers, as well as their changing habits, tastes and preferences, will always design the most appropriate tailor-made creative marketing and sales strategies that appeal to them and also to possible market changes, adapting accordingly and in a timely fashion.


Timeless Tangible and Intangible Benefits

When a developer has a positive association with a brand that has high esteem in the eyes of the consumers in a successful project like an iconic branded real estate building both can benefit greatly.

If executed correctly, branded residences also offer developers attractive price premiums (with buyers willing to pay premiums of up to 132% in Bangkok and 69% in Kuala Lumpur over non-branded dwellings, E.g.) and accelerated sales velocity, whilst a possible hotel operator can also get rewarded for the marketing muscle their brand brings to the development.

A named building, with its distinctive service, amenities, and interiors, can highlight an owner’s status in ways an ordinary street address cannot.

Typical advantages and benefits of Branded Residences:

• Assurance of quality in construction, design, servicing and amenities.

• “Lock up and leave” capability/option.

• The ‘brand kudos’ or ‘bragging rights’ associated with a premium branded address.

• The potential for investment returns from a rental pool (notably in a resort context).

• An increase in the number of global UHNWIs who wish to live in, or use, a secure environment, for which branded residences tick many boxes, with the confirmation that 81% of wealth advisors saying their clients are becoming more interested in branded residences, in a recent report.

• Innovation in terms of concept (i.e. a mix of hotel and residential).

• The convenience of onsite services.

• Security (i.e. buying into a trusted brand).

Some examples of Branded Real Estate Projects:

Ritz-Carlton Residences

Sunny Isles Beach, Miami



Fendi Château


Porsche Design Tower


Bvlgari Residences


Amanora Towers


Sapphire Residences

Sri Lanka

Century Spire


Armani Residences

Sunny Isles Beach, Miami

Four Seasons Residences

Napa Valley

Milano Residences


Aston Martin Residences


Acqua Residences


The XI - Six Senses 

New York

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