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The Marketing &

Commercialization Process

A full-service, in-house agency.

Hailing from the worlds of luxury, art, media, interiors, and advertising, our marketing and design team will expertly craft the narrative and visuals around you and your properties.

Luxdable established a dedicated in-house creative marketing division, which excels in the art of branding luxury properties and developments with the purpose to create unexpected luxury worlds that generate high-level press exposure and impactful results.

We can offer a fully integrated marketing solution encompassing everything from event production, branding, influencer marketing and public relations.

Everything you need to enhance the image and value of your property with maximum exposure.

Working with dedicated marketing strategists, we will target the right audience using the most effective channels to tell the right story. Our dedicated social media and PR divisions further broadcast your property to potential buyers in creative, timely ways.

A team of graphic designers, analysts and marketing specialists offer strategically driven marketing solutions for buyers, sellers, developers and investors across the globe.

Our creative team leverages relationships with traditional and new media outlets, as well as the most emergent technologies and social media strategies, to ensure maximum exposure for the properties we represent.

We work to bring things to life in the most comprehensive and compelling way possible, having developed the branding and marketing for several individuals, companies and properties.

Our Specialties:


  • Creative Process

  • Research & Analytics

  • Property-to-market Launch Strategies & Positioning

  • Brand Identity & Development

  • Public Relations

  • Print and Digital Campaigns

  • Video Conception and Production

  • Website Design & Development

  • Social Media Management

  • Content Creation

  • Storytelling

  • Talent and Influencer Procurement

  • Event & Experiential Design, Marketing and Execution

  • Luxury Partnerships

As mentioned before we take a very personal, tailored and specific approach to every property and partner, so depending on the discussed marketing and promotion approach/package that will be designed and tailored to your specific case and profile combined with the agreed terms and conditions of the contract, here are some of the traditional possibilities of marketing actions/packages that we usually apply to the properties that are selected by us to be commercialized according to the Luxdable Homes process:



• A detailed description of the property with colour photographs and a link to the website will appear in the biggest MLS platforms like Casa Sapo, Idealista, BPI Expresso Imobiliário, BEEDIGITAL (Correio da Manhã, XL Tuga, e Zizabi)
• With the owner's permission, an Open House will be held for a carefully selected brokerage community
• The property can be presented to the entire brokerage community and the public during a specific presentation event to be held at our glamorous Chiado office or just over 150 agents during a SIIMGROUP office meeting
• With the owner's permission, a For Sale sign will be placed on the property

Magazine, Newspaper and Brochure Print Advertising:


• Your property may be advertised in selected speciality magazines and newspapers (Casas de Portugal, Urbana, The RE/MAX Collection, Robb Report, to name a few.) with a colour advertisement, designed professionally by our marketing team.


• A custom colour property brochure may be created


• Just listed cards may be mailed to area residents


Direct Emails List:


An email introducing your property, with photos, description, listing information, and your exclusive property webpage, will be sent to our subscribed client and industry professional contacts and databases, as well as to several thousand agents (encompasses all major real estate offices in Greater Lisbon) and to the hundreds of Pedro's personal and business contacts (including architects, designers, lawyers, doctors, talent agents, media, celebrities, athletes, business managers, developers, influencers and affluent community members).

Property Website:


We may create a custom landing page for your property with its own domain name (E.g. featuring photos, information, and videos.

property websites.PNG

Youtube Channel:


Our Youtube channel features high-end luxury international listings. We may create a video of your property which will be shared on multiple social media outlets.

Professional Daytime and Twilight Photography:


We work with the city’s best photographers to capture your home at both daylight and sunset/twilight. With two separate sessions, we are able to showcase and accentuate your home’s most beautiful features at any time of day.

The Hollywood Rockstar House -1894 N Sta
14175 Mulholland Dr _ Beverly Hills _ $1

Aerial Drone Photography:


We work with professional certificated drone operators to photograph and record a birds-eye-view of your property and the surrounding area, showcasing its location, views, and exterior attributes.

3D Virtual Tour:


For those properties where international and remote buyers may represent the biggest slice of potential buyers, we may create a three-dimensional virtual tour of your property, allowing agents and prospective buyers from around the world to virtually walk through your home.

3D virtual tour.jpg
property brochure design_3.jpg

The Luxdable Magazine:

Your home will be conspicuously advertised as a featured listing in the Luxdable Magazine, a publication that will be the Neo-Luxury Lifestyle Magazine, gathering the most interesting topics and trends on select fine goods, incredible experiences and places to travel, style, fine food, wines, spirits, a high level of elegant living, a look at arts, culture, craftsmanship, home décor, cars, yachts, watches, jewellery, tech, real estate, worth and value.

The Magazine is expected to be launched on the second semester of 2020 and will be distributed to thousands of local clients and carefully selected hotels, shops and offices in the Greater Lisbon area. The magazine will be also available at our offices, open houses and other distinct events.

Custom Color Property Brochure:


We create a custom colour brochure for your property, allowing every prospective buyer and agent who is interested or visits the property to receive or leave with an asset to share with their family and friends and to remind them of your property. The brochure will include both daytime and twilight photography, description, floor plans, website domain link, and other listing information.


Property Book:

Beautifully bound hardcover books are created for exclusive luxury listings. Our graphic designers weave together compelling photography, inspiring descriptions, and innovative layouts to produce a luxurious keepsake for all prospective buyers.

Billboards and Digital Screens:

Some of our prominent listings and new developments are featured on their own billboard or screen time at very specific locations, capturing hundreds of thousands of views not only from who passes by but specially from who matters the most, the highly probable buyers, so we know the roads where they drive and walk by and put your property on their way, right in front of their eyes.


This is part of our commitment and focus on achieving our value proposal and you may ask around which other brokerages in the world are willing and capable to invest and offer such an expensive and exclusive opportunity to their clients.

collection chiado.jpg

Featured Listing:

Your property may be a prominent Featured Listing on the front window of our glamorous Chiado office, local of the passage of thousands of locals and tourists, one of the hottest spots in central Lisbon.


It may also be featured in The RE/MAX Collection Magazine and on other online platforms, receiving front page spotlight, receiving many millions of visitors per month.

Lifestyle Video:


With today’s real estate market full of fast-paced and tech-savvy buyers, for our premier listings, we can offer the most innovative film design in the industry, using aerial footage, talent, script writing, and the most talented videographers specializing in real estate production to capture the unique lifestyle enabled by living at your property and craft a compelling story around it.

Open Houses and Broker Opens:

With the owner’s permission, multiple open houses for the public may be held. We also may hold open houses for the entire or selected brokerage community.

Special Events:

We may host special events for some of our properties, catered with exquisite food and drink, and other luxury and remarkable amenities.



At each open house, numerous custom designed open house signs will be carefully placed around your house and neighbourhood displaying the property address to direct a higher volume of potential buyers to the listing.

Office Meetings:

The property may be presented to all RE/MAX SIIMGROUP agents during their office meetings.


The group is composed by five offices: RE/MAX Lumiar, RE/MAX Miraflores, RE/MAX Capital, RE/MAX Countryside, in Santo Estêvão and the Master Franchising RE/MAX Minas Gerais, in Brasil.

office chiado.jpg

Social Media Promotion:

We post your property on our social media platforms including Instagram and Facebook and also pay to promote the posts during some specific time so that they reach not only our followers but tens of thousands more.

Digital Marketing Campaigns:

Your property photos and descriptions are digitally formatted to produce custom marketing campaigns across search engines, email, social networks, display advertisement networks, website sponsorships, and custom URL websites.


The Exquisite Pack:

A unique set of immersive experiential events around the lifestyle of each property will be held to gather much more than just the attention of potential buyers, creating a massive impact and a remarkable and unforgettable lasting memory about the property.

Our intention is to build a reputation quickly with audacious and unexpected viral campaigns that redefine how luxury and lifestyle are marketed.

Our relationships intersect at the crossroads of traditional and new media to build international exposure for our clients.

Our objective is to be known for setting and identifying trends that catapult properties and turn developers into celebrities.



We may list and advertise your property in the top real estate websites reaching viewers in over 100 countries, with the advertisements translated in the native language.

Over 100 Countries and +120.000 agents worldwide

International Agents:

A custom email will be sent directly to several thousand of the top international real estate agents working in the major metropolitan cities around the world.

international agents.jpg

Schematic Floor Plans:

We work with some of the top architects in Lisbon that can create a custom floor plan which includes square footage measurements for your property.


These plans may be available online to all prospective buyers, and print versions will be available during private showings, open houses, and broker opens.

3D Virtual Tour:

For those properties where international and remote buyers may represent the biggest slice of potential buyers, we may create a three-dimensional virtual tour of your property, allowing agents and prospective buyers from around the world to virtually walk through your home.

3D virtual tour.jpg

International Websites:

Your home may be listed on dozens of the world’s most recognized international real estate sites, translated in native languages.

The property may be listed on Mitula, Divendo, Trovit, Nuroa, FinestGlobal,, ThePortugalNews, Mansion Global among others, depending on the type of audience that we are targeting.

The property may be listed on Caimeiiu (Asian MLS). Caimeiju can be found on top Chinese local search engines like Baidu, Google China, Bing, and Yahoo Taiwan.

Social Media Channels:

Our Social Media Channels advertises our active listings, with photos and videos of your property.

The property website may also be featured on YouKu which is an Asian version of YouTube with 203 million monthly visitors and in this case, it will be translated into Mandarin.

property websites.PNG

Property Website:

We may create a designated landing page for your property with a custom domain name (E.g. featuring photos, information, and videos., integrating international search engine optimization.

High-profile event promotions:

Representation and promotion in venues such as international real estate and business fairs around the globe (SIPP - Paris, FILDA - Angola, LPS - Shanghai, ILPE - International Emigration and Luxury Property Expo – Monaco / Cannes / Moscow / Mumbai / Bangkok, REC Expo - Azerbaijan, SIL - Lisbon, Real Estate Show Tour - Brasil and other locations) and other important events such as Court Atlante - Portuguese Luxury Festival, CSIO - The Lisbon International Official Show Jumping, National Horse Fair - Golegã and many others related to luxury, fine products representation and import-export like food, wine and jewelry.



Prospective buyers are frequently using the internet to identify properties. Once you list your property with us, your property may be distributed both nationally and internationally via thousands of different websites, including Mitula, Divendo, Trovit, Nuroa, Finest Global, ThePortugalNews, Mansion Global, Casa Sapo, Idealista, BPI Expresso Imobiliário, BEEDIGITAL, and numerous others.

The property may also be featured on the Internet on Omnis Solutions (TrulYours / Joyfully / Luxdable) social networks:



Through television, newspaper, real estate blogs and websites, wecan receive significant media attention for our partner’s and properties, providing further exposure in our effort to sell your property.

Editorial features in important media outlets or a press release may be prepared by our PR Department and sent to the following:


The property may be presented to the following TV shows for inclusion on their real estate-related segments:

Diário Imobiliário
Casas de Portugal
Magazine Imobiliário
Caras Decoração
Lux Decoração


F Magazine Luxury

Architectural Digest

Wall Street Journal

Architect Magazine

Architecture Week

Robb Report

Eat Love Savor Luxury Magazine

Espaços & Casas

ARQ.3 - Casa Report

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