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Pedro Gaspar Fernandes

Your Full Stack International

Real Estate Advisor & Concierge

Your trusted advisor, helping everyone from the first-time buyer to the seasoned seller make better, more informed decisions.

He is a specialist who is available as an expert advisor for buyers, sellers, developers, investors, residential owners, Co-Op Boards, and Condo Associations and can provide advice in the following areas:

• Competitive market analysis at the property and residential unit level
• In-depth analysis of real estate industry research, statistics and trends
• Impact of property branding and marketing initiatives
• Cost-benefit analysis of improvements to building services and infrastructure
• Evaluation of financing alternatives (MaxFinance)


Access to timely, accurate information is a vital resource in a real estate market that is constantly evolving so we are very focused on providing the insights and real-time market intelligence that help to make the best-informed decisions about a wide array of issues that impact the value of properties, including:


• Infrastructure and systems improvements
• Design / Aesthetic improvements
• Services and amenities
• Financing and refinancing
• Marketing and branding

As a specialist who is required to know your building more intimately than any other real estate broker, he is available to provide information and assistance on a range of issues such as:

• How to price your building/residence based on current market conditions
• How to stage and market your building/residence to expedite its sale
• Improvements that can increase your building/residence's value and maximize its sale price
• Evaluation of financing options for building/home improvements and possible tax incentives.


Pedro Gaspar Fernandes can market your building, residence or new development more effectively than any other broker by utilizing the many tools and resources of a large residential brokerage firm and the full-service of a dedicated in-house
concierge and marketing agency. He can identify the right buyer for your residence through his extensive networking resources and curated partnerships, including exclusive access to thousands of qualified buyers.


Over the last years, he has developed and fine-tuned the skills to navigate this delicate process. Combining masterful negotiating tactics with subtle diplomacy, he has earned years of proven, exceptional results even through the most complicated scenarios and unexpected situations.

The time he spends with the seller, brokerage community and potential buyer pool is the key to a certain and successful outcome, that is why he just works with a limited number of partners on an exclusivity basis, so you can have the guarantee that, as a partner, have all his full attention, focus and availability.

You can also count on his deep understanding of the luxury market, his refined sensibility and of course, a relentless passion for service excellence to go above and beyond to provide, deliver and delight. That is why very commonly those who start as clients, quickly become friends because he is also someone who you can rely on for any situation and at any time.


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