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The Luxdable Homes Lifestyle

What is a Luxdable Home?

Human beings are getting more conscious, informed and savvier. They’re looking for unique homes that can provide them with a lifestyle as well as a home. They want more than just four walls—they want a full immersion into what it would feel like to live a life well lived. They want to experience new and more meaningful ways of living.


So, the Luxdable Homes were created to respond to that need.

These are Homes that privilege panoramic views and seamless indoor-outdoor living, located in a unique area with a magnificent landscape, envolved by nature and taking advantage of some marvellous panoramic views over those – undoubtedly the best place to live a full-fledged life, with yourself, your family and friends.

It doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to look expensive, with a strong sense and feel of quality, sophistication and casual elegance where less is more about a balance between comfort, functionality and great materials that are used.


We believe that real luxury is based upon energy and the look and feel of the property – real luxury is in the long-term sustainability, flexibility and how you utilize the space, having the foresight to understand how the space needs to adapt when you live and grow into it, making it future-proof.

A home should be first of all comfortable and welcoming. “Comfort” is not only a physical sensation, but also an atmosphere: a perfect atmosphere for each moment of the day. Comfort means user-friendliness, correct lighting, proper proportions, a sensation of being in the right place, the desire to stay there. It’s a mysterious kind of alchemy more than anything else.

Because in the end you just want a real home, a safe haven where everything is simple and you can enjoy life, family, friends, feel comfortable and can relax.

So these are luxury villas and apartments that boast their own unique character and style: architecture, construction, finishes, landscape and a seamless transition between their interiors and outside living areas… Just perfect until the last detail.

A well-constructed home, preferably self-sustainable, surrounded by beautiful nature and multifunctional like a micro-mansion, with all the essential amenities that can provide you with the necessary comfort, access, convenience and technology that can make your life easy, complete and enjoyable.

Why this lifestyle?
Many individuals started to wake up to the realization that their extravagant buying and spending ways were not making them any happier, healthier or personally fulfilled. Quite the opposite.


The tide started to turn from a drive focused on the quantity of things to quality of life since the one clearly wasn’t leading to the other.

This feeling is leading people to carve for homes on locations like the beach or in the mountains, where they could escape the stress of their demanding careers to get-back-to-nature and find contentment missing from their day-to-day lives.

First, there is a desire for smaller, more practical, self-sustainable and functional homes, where many now prefer their luxury and privacy in a smaller, more affordable and manageable space.

This kind of homes is designed not only for show but mainly for how people really live and want to live. Where once the value of a home was measured largely in square meters, this new movement establishes a new pattern as people’s quality of life.

Smaller homes but equipped with better quality appointments and amenities save people time, save money, save energy and provide people with a different perspective to evaluate many other things in their lives because it shifts the focus from having more to become and doing more.

More and more people are now craving a lifestyle that is green, clean and healthful and these are the homes that can help them best achieve this kind of wellness.


The Indoor-Outdoor Living

The indoor-outdoor concept is not only an efficient way to expand the existing living space but also presents an opportunity to create a flexible room that can be a cosy and cool enclosed nook, a bright sunroom or an alfresco dining area depending on the season.

The purpose of creating indoor-outdoor living spaces is to provide its residents with a primary and infinite source of fresh air, natural light, great views and inspiration.

Luxdable Homes introduces designs that aim to create a seamless transition between their interiors and nature outside.
These indoor-outdoor concepts in home design create well-lit, ventilated spaces with views, offering spatial continuity to the outside, and also flexibly connecting with the great outdoors.

These kinds of modern homes are integrating indoor-outdoor living in their floor plan for an additional reason too– their green credentials (LEED®/BREEAM®/LiderA®). Homes that allow the entry of natural light and ensure ventilation in the living space can reduce energy consumption.


Thanks to Portugal’s temperate climate, residents can enjoy alfresco dining and lounging a great part of the year so why not take advantage of it and embrace the Portuguese “saber viver”?

To take advantage of the mild temperatures—not to mention the incredible vistas—architects and designers must create spaces that blur the boundaries between inside and out.

From living rooms that extend into terraces to open-air dining rooms, these spaces showcase the best aspects of living on the coast or on the top of the world.

The entire space is then perceived as one large living area. There is a seamless flow from indoors to outdoors.
Nothing beats the seamless transition between a home’s inside and outside spaces.


If you’ve never experienced true hybrid living, you’ll be in awe of what these houses have to offer.

Imagine starting your day with breakfast on your open balcony or deck, enjoying the morning sun or even a floating breakfast in your infinity pool with an amazing and inspiring landscape as background and concluding the night by entertaining family and friends in your private courtyard.

In Luxdable Homes, it’s easy to enjoy what life has best to offer and your surroundings without ever stepping outside your home.


By blending indoor and outdoor spaces, we’re not only changing the way people live but also transforming the traditional idea of home.

We're so passionate about the health inside our bodies and our buildings that we often spend our lunch breaks enjoying yoga, meditation, or local walks. As keen observers of all-natural ecosystems, we truly delight in harmonising indoor/outdoor flow and helping our clients also reach their maximum potential in health and home.

Top amenities

These are some of the most wanted amenities that are associated with the Luxdable Homes hotel-like living lifestyle:

Windows and Natural Lighting, Pool, Bar, Gourmet Kitchen, Elevator, Water Views, Breakfast Nook, Movie Theatre, Recreation Room, Garage, Workshop, Gym, Farm, Golf Course, Elevator, Jacuzzi, Sports Facilities, Sauna, Spa-like Facilities, Heated Floors, Bathrooms with Steam Showers, Electric Bidets, His-and-her Walk-in Master Closets with an Island, Smart Home Technology, BBQ Area, Rooftops, Terraces and Balconies, Great Sources of Natural Light, Home Office, Library, Wine Cellar, Playroom, Storage, Backyard Deck, Man Cave / She Shed, Solar Panels, Electric Vehicle Charging capabilities and other Eco-friendly traits.



We offer a full-service tailored solution, from finding the right location to the house project, its construction and all the formalities involved with new construction.


Check out The Collection Selection to find some homes that follow the Luxdable Home spirit.


Schedule a visit to one of the available houses present in The Collection Selection or ask if there is any Luxdable Home available for viewing.

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