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Sell & Rent

Whether you’re ready to sell or looking for answers, we’ll guide you with data and expertise specific to your area.


Pedro Gaspar Fernandes is a highly experienced real estate industry professional who focuses on the preservation and enhancement of the near- and long-term value of properties. He is proud to always be fully informed about the condition of the properties that he represents, deeply knowledgeable about the regions and neighbourhoods where those properties are located, and skilled at leveraging the price, characteristics and position of your property to find the best buyer.

What's your property worth?


Either if you just want to inform yourself about its current market price, or to sell your property for the best possible price, you can always count on our specialist's advice for residential, commercial or rural property, grounded in our experience and knowledge of local, regional and international markets. Our experts will be more than happy to assist you with a free and non-binding valuation. 

                                            - Find out how much your property is worth with a free market appraisal

Working with our in-house marketing agency, we will target the right audience across the most effective channels. Our cohesive brand identity strategy will elevate the style and story of your home.


Pricing Your Home

The best way to maximize market value is to create a competitive buying environment.

We set the suggested list price at or just below actual market value to best promote multiple offers.


Pricing your home is both an art and a science. Achieving the optimal list price is the result of both objective and profound research into comparable properties, the market and consumer trends and a developed intuition about the more subjective aspects of your property and the current market.


The right price should:

  • Attract buyers

  • Allow you to achieve the highest value possible

  • Help you sell as quickly as possible


The simple fact is, price is the number one factor that most homebuyers use to determine which homes they want to view. And it's important to remember that, although the price is set by you, the value of the home is determined by the buyer.


Try to avoid allowing your enthusiasm to impact your better judgment - overpricing is a common mistake that can cost you in the end.


The Importance of Proper Pricing:

  • Faster sale and less inconvenience

  • Exposure to more buyers

  • Increases consultants/agents/realtors response

  • Generates more advertising/sign calls

  • Attracts higher offers

  • Means more value in the shortest time to the seller

  • Avoids being shopworn and therefore sitting in the market for ages


Fewer days on market means more value for you:

Backed by savvy data-driven strategy, our listings spend less time on the market than the industry average.


What really matters is how your home stacks up against the others currently offered for sale and recently sold in your region/neighbourhood. In today's market buyers will surely be comparing.


Common Reasons for Overpricing:

  • Over-improvement

  • Need

  • Located in a higher-priced area

  • Original purchase price too high

  • Lack of factual data

  • Bargaining room

  • Assessed value

  • Emotional attachment

  • The opinion of family, friends and neighbours


Consequences of Overpricing:

  • Most of the activity on your home will occur in the first few weeks. Pricing a home properly and then creating immediate urgency in the minds of agents and buyers is critical.

  • Buyers who have seen most available homes in their price range are waiting for the "right house" to come on the market. That's why if a house is priced right, it will sell quickly. The buyers are there waiting for it.

  • Don't start with a high price and the assumption that you can reduce it later. By the time you decide to lower the price, it may be too late, as interest will have already waned.

  • A major cause for concern is appraisal problems; overpricing can lead to loan rejections and lost time.

  • Even if your home is nicer than other homes in the same area, your house won't be picked for viewing if you set the price too high.

  • Buyers and agents become aware of the long exposure period and often are hesitant to make an offer because they fear something is wrong with the property or will take advantage of it to submit low ball offers.

  • Fewer potentially qualified buyers will be interested and respond.

  • You might help sell similar homes that are priced low.

  • You could lose money as a result of making extra mortgage payments while incurring taxes, insurance and unplanned maintenance costs.


The Role of a Real Estate Advisor in Pricing:

  • Provide you with a comparative market study/analysis, a comparison of the prices of recently sold homes that are similar in terms of location, style, and amenities, as well as currently active homes to know your competition.

  • There is no "exact price" for real estate

  • We don't tell you what we think your home is "worth".

  • The market determines the value and together we shall determine the price.

  • Always monitoring the market trends and keeping up to date with market activity of comparable homes.

  • Help to determine offering incentives.


An advisor has NO control over the market, only the marketing process. Never select an agent based on price.


Marketing Strategy & Process
We find that a high-exposure, limited timeframe initial marketing period maximizes marketing results. This period may differ based on the needs of the owner. It may be as short as one broker open house and one public open house or extend up to 120 days on the market prior to reviewing offers.


This ensures the property receives maximum exposure to the marketplace and all interested parties are given enough time to visit the property and conduct due diligence, if desired, before making offers.

Using a dynamic combination of high-impact traditional marketing and state-of-the-art technology, we will aggressively promote your property to the widest possible audience of buyers and real estate agents both nationally and internationally.

This process offers protection to the owner by demonstrating full market exposure and optimal sales results. It includes presenting the owner with a full synopsis of market activity, advertising, number of buyer's and Realtors who previewed property in detailed reports, including terms of all offers received.





Premises Preparation, Adding Value & Showings
Used properties are often perceived as old and in disrepair. When these homes go on the market, they naturally attract lowball offers.


With some advance pre-market preparation and cleanup, within the owner's budgetary guidelines, a property's appearance can be transformed from teardown to showplace. We have extensive experience working with carefully handpicked partners in preparing properties to maximize their market value.


As a general rule, choosing the functional over the merely cosmetic and choosing neutral over unusual or exotic will pay at resale. Taste and current trends can also affect the value of an update. Unusual colours have a limited appeal.


Updates that usually add the most value to your home:

  • Update your kitchen and/or bathrooms. Whether you need a minor or major remodel, updating the kitchen or bathrooms in your home will yield a high return on investment. Stay timeless with your updates, but also pay attention to trends. 

  • Increase usable space. Add an extra bathroom, upgrade or expand your kitchen and/or master bedroom suite, add more closet space, or convert unused space into a more functional space, like a spare bedroom to a home office or basement into the ultimate multimedia or hangout space.

  • Lighten and brighten your rooms. Paint rooms white or with a light colour paint to neutralize your space. Add skylights, windows, or French doors.

  • Revamp the exterior. Updated landscaping will draw in buyers before they even walk through the door. Keep your shrubs, trees, and grass trimmed and tidy.


Try to look at your house "through the buyer's eyes" as though you've never seen it or been there before. Any time or money invested on these items and/or staging will bring you back more money in return, and hopefully a faster sale.


Seller Control
We conduct a seller-controlled marketing and sale process, clearly stating our expectations of the buying public in an instruction sheet setting forth the expressed desires of the owner.


To most parties, price is most important; but sometimes a fast close or a cash offer can be critical. By providing an instruction sheet to all interested parties, buyers will understand the seller's "wish list" and write offers accordingly.

Property Management
Our exceptional managers oversee properties where residents receive the best possible management services. Our team has the experience and resources to address any issue your property may face. Some of our partners have been with us year after year because they continue to receive the service they expect and deserve.

Owners or individual residents within properties managed by us can always call for advice related to the improvement or sale of their home. This service is complimentary and owners are under no obligation to work with us should they choose to sell their home.

Through our Rental Management Department we can also offer these services, either you don’t spend all year long in your residence or you are an investor that privileges convenience and time saving:

• Collection of rents, issuance of receipts and notices
• Monthly deposit of the rent into the client's account
• Management of works and repairs
• Annual rent update according to the legal coefficient
• Taxes and tax laws management
• Check-in and Check-out of the tenants
• An annual inspection of the property, accompanied by a report
• Interlocution with the administration of the condominium


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